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“A Memo from Human Resources”

Knowing that our personnel work better with some time off, we are offering this paid holiday schedule for the upcoming year.

They include:

January 1, New Year’s Day

March 19, Leif Erickson Day

May 13, Frigga’s Day

June 17, Odin’s Day

July 4, King Gustafson’s Birthday (company picnic)

September 3, Kobold Day (non-management only)

October 31, Loki’s Day, is to be celebrated at work (addressing some concerns from last year, no fresh carcasses to be brought to work except for the company picnic in the summer. See the attached guidelines for appropriate pranks. NO FIREWORKS due to safety concerns).

November 11, Valhalla Day (veterans only).

December 20, Solstice Party (no-host bar, dinner provided).

All religious holidays (Ragnarok Day, Yom Kippur, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and so on) will require personal time to be arranged with your manager.

Welcome to a new year with Asatru Corporation!


Human Resources.

—Jean Lamb


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