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October Contest Winner

Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to tell us your favorite scene or moment from the Honor Harrington series. Reading the entries was like watching a highlight reel of David Weber’s most enduring creation. Congrats to Dave Eden! He wins a signed copy of the latest Honor Harrington novel, Uncompromising Honor.

If I had to pick a single scene, it was when Honor used her ancient M1911 pistol to kill Warnecke's bodyguard and pilot in Honor Among Enemies. I've been a fan of this iconic pistol since I was a kid, and I love that Weber inserted the detail of how it was preserved by someone on traditionalist Grayson. The details of how she used it are brilliant: not only did it elude detection ("they knew she was unarmed") but its noise compared to modern Honorverse weapons helped ensure overwhelming surprise ("its sudden, deafening roar filled the passenger compartment like the hammer of God"). Re-reading this scene today, I'm beaming as much as when I first read it.

—Dave Eden