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Contest News

Eric Hansen's Winning Essay from the Eric Flint
"How Did You Fall into the Ring of Fire?" Contest

My introduction to the Ring of Fire series could be used as a case study for Eric Flint's support for the Baen Free Library. For several months I walked past a lone copy of 1632 sitting in the Science-Fiction/Fantasy section of my local Borders. I was always intrigued by the cover art but never wanted to take the risk of purchasing a book by an author I had not heard of before.

During the summer of 2003 I was working at a marketing research company completing a internship for college and I did not have enough work to keep myself busy during the day. I had picked up a copy of one of the Belisarius novels at the library and after I finished reading the book I saw some information in the back of the book regarding Baen.com. While looking for something to kill some time at work I checked out the website and found the Baen Free Library section of the website and saw that 1632 was one of the books that was available. I started reading the book that afternoon and was hooked immediately, I finished the book the following day and picked up both a copy of 1632 and 1633 that weekend. Since then I have anxiously awaited the every new release in the Ring of Fire universe.

Eric Hansen