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Kicking the Sacred Cow

Table of Contents

Humanistic Religion
The Rush to Embrace Darwinism

Science, Religion, and Logic
Darwinism and the New Order
A Cultural Monopoly
Rocks of Ages—The Fossil Record
Anything, Everything, and Its Opposite: Natural Selection
The Origin of Originality?
Genetics and Mutation

Life as Information Processing
Of Bangs and Braids Cosmology's Mathematical Abstractions

Mathematical Worlds—
and This Other One

Cosmologies as Mirrors
Matters of Gravity: Relativity's Universes
After the Bomb: The Birth of the Bang
The Plasma Universe
Other Ways of Making Light Elements . . .
And of Producing Expansion
Redshift Without Expansion at All
The Ultimate Heresy:
Questioning the Hubble Law

The God of the Modern Creation Myth
Drifting in the Ether
Did Relativity Take A Wrong Turn?

Some Basics
Extending Classical Relativity
The New Relativity
Dissident Viewpoints
The Famous Faster-Than-Light Question
Catastrophe of Ethics
The Case for Taking Velikovsky Seriously

Early Work: The Makings
of an Iconoclast

Worlds in Collision
Science in Convulsion:
The Reactions

Testimony from the Rocks:
Earth in Upheaval

Orthodoxy in Confusion
Slaying the Monster: The AAAS
Velikovsky Symposium, 1974

After the Inquisition:
The Parallel Universe

Environmentalist Fantasies
Politics and Ideology
Masquerading As Science

Garbage In, Gospel Out:
Computer Games and Global Warming

Holes in the Ozone Logic—
But Timely for Some

Saving The Mosquitoes:
The War On DDT

The 1971 EPA Hearings
"Vitamin R": Radiation
Good for Your Health 212

Rip-Out Rip-Off: The Asbestos Racket
AIDS Heresy In The Viricentric Universe

Science by Press Conference
"Side Effects" Just Like AIDS:
The Miracle Drugs

A Virus Fixation
Gothic Cathedrals And The Stars


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