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This is a preliminary list of books published by Baen deemed by me, Toni Weisskopf, executive editor, (with help from editor Hank Davis) to be suitable for an intelligent young adult reader. These are the books I would have read (and in some cases did read) when I was in middle and high school. I envision this list to be utilized by teachers, librarians and anyone else who has the urge to hook people on sf early.

While this is a core list selected from our top sellers, there are other titles not listed here published by Baen that are appropriate for young adults. I'll be adding more titles from our backlist and selecting new titles as they are published to update this list every three months or so.

As with any such list, it is bound to be idiosyncratic and in some cases I'm sure I'll hear about a title I've selected or left off the list. I welcome that feedback. If you've found a title that works particularly well with young adults that I've left off the list, please pass it on. Similarly, if you feel I've included a title with themes too mature for young adults, let me know that, too. Senior Editor Jim Minz will be updating this list shortly. Please send your feedback to him at: jimminz@baen.com.

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Poul Anderson
Christopher Anvil
Robert Asprin
Margaret Ball
Ben Bova
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Mary Brown
Lois McMaster Bujold
Falling Free
Paul Chafe
C. J. Cherryh
Hal Colebatch
Robert Conroy
Rick Cook
The Wiz Biz
John Dalmas
The Regiment
Tony Daniel
The Amber Arrow
L. Sprague deCamp
Lest Darkness Fall - To Bring the Light
Andrew Dennis
Gordon R. Dickson
Larry Dixon
The Free Bards
David Drake
Eric Flint
Dave Freer
Charles E. Gannon
Randall Garrett
Tom Godwin
Original Edition of edited Godwin Stories
Ellen Guon
Matthew Harrington
Robert A. Heinlein
Beyond This Horizon
Revolt in 2100 and Methuselah's Children
The Menace From Earth
James P. Hogan
Dean Ing
Les Johnson
Jim Kjelgaard
Jeffery D. Kooistra
Mercedes Lackey
The Free Bards
John Lambshead
Keith Laumer
Sharon Lee
Murray Leinster
Jane Lindskold
Anne McCaffrey
The Planet Pirates
Jack McDevitt
Shirley Meier
Steve Miller
Elizabeth Moon
The Planet Pirates
Larry Niven
The Man-Kzin Wars
Andre Norton
Jody Lynn Nye
Moon Beam
Jody Lynn Nye
The Planet Pirates
Norvell W. Page
Jerry Pournelle
Birth of Fire
Mike Resnick
John Ringo
Spider Robinson
User Friendly
Herb Sakalaucks
James H. Schmitz
Original Edition of edited Schmitz Stories
Charles Sheffield
Cordwainer Smith
Wen Spencer
Ryk E. Spoor
Alex Stewart
Travis S. Taylor
Moon Beam
Travis S. Taylor
Harry Turtledove
Alternate Generals
Mark L. Van Name
David Weber
The Honor of the Queen
Field of Dishonor
The Armageddon Inheritance
Heirs of Empire
T. K. F. Weisskopf
Steve White
Timothy Zahn