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Oath of Fealty Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Oath of Gold Elizabeth Moon
Oath of Swords David Weber
Oath of Swords and Sword Brother David Weber
An Oblique Approach David Drake
Eric Flint
Oblivion Steve White
Charles E. Gannon
Odyssey Keith Laumer
Eric Flint
Of Berserkers, Swords & Vampires Fred Saberhagen
Of War and Honor Gordon R. Dickson
Old Nathan David Drake
Old Soldiers David Weber
On Basilisk Station David Weber
On Basilisk Station (Leatherbound edition) David Weber
On to the Asteroid Travis S. Taylor
Les Johnson
Once a Hero Elizabeth Moon
One Day on Mars Travis S. Taylor
One Foot in the Grave William Mark Simmons
One Good Soldier Travis S. Taylor
One Jump Ahead Mark L. Van Name
Onward, Drake! Mark L. Van Name
Operation Arcana John Joseph Adams
Operation Damocles Oscar L. Fellows
The Orc Wars John Dalmas
Original Edition of edited Godwin Stories Tom Godwin
Eric Flint
Original Edition of edited Schmitz Stories James H. Schmitz
Orphans of the Sky Robert A. Heinlein
Other Times Than Peace David Drake
The Other World Mercedes Lackey
Mark Shepherd
Holly Lisle
The Outposter Gordon R. Dickson
Overkill Robert Buettner
Overthrowing Heaven Mark L. Van Name