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Habeas Corpses William Mark Simmons
Hair of the Dog Brett Davis
The Hammer S. M. Stirling
David Drake
Hank Reinhardt's Book of Knives Hank Reinhardt
Hank Reinhardt's The Book of Swords Hank Reinhardt
Harald David Friedman
Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles Larry Correia
Heirs of Empire David Weber
Hell Hath No Fury David Weber
Linda Evans
Hell's Faire John Ringo
Hell's Gate David Weber
Linda Evans
The Helverti Invasion John Dalmas
Her Brother's Keeper Mike Kupari
Her Majesty's American Steve White
Here There Be Dragonnes Mary Brown
The Heretic David Drake
Tony Daniel
Heris Serrano Elizabeth Moon
Hero Joel Rosenberg
The Hero John Ringo
Michael Z. Williamson
The Hidden Family Charles Stross
The High Crusade Poul Anderson
High Justice Jerry Pournelle
Himmler's War Robert Conroy
His Father's Son Nigel Bennett
P. N. Elrod
His Father's Eyes David B. Coe
Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! Poul Anderson
Gordon R. Dickson
Hokas Pokas! Poul Anderson
Gordon R. Dickson
Honor Among Enemies David Weber
Honor Among Enemies - Special Limited Edition David Weber
Honor of the Clan John Ringo
Julie Cochrane
The Honor of the Queen, Signed Leatherbound Edition David Weber
The Honor of the Queen David Weber
Honor's Paradox P. C. Hodgell
An Honorable Defense David Drake
Thomas T. Thomas
Hope Rearmed David Drake
S. M. Stirling
Hope Reborn David Drake
S. M. Stirling
Hope Reformed David Drake
Eric Flint
S. M. Stirling
Hope Renewed David Drake
S. M. Stirling
A Host of Furious Fancies Mercedes Lackey
Rosemary Edghill
The Hot Gate John Ringo
Hour of the Gremlins Gordon R. Dickson
Ben Bova
House of Steel David Weber
The House That Jack Built Robert Asprin
Linda Evans
The Houses of the Kzinti Jerry Pournelle
Dean Ing
S. M. Stirling
How Dark the World Becomes Frank Chadwick
The Hub: Dangerous Territory James H. Schmitz
The Human Edge Gordon R. Dickson
The Hunter Returns David Drake
Jim Kjelgaard
Hunting Party Elizabeth Moon
Hunting the Corrigan's Blood Holly Lisle
A Hymn Before Battle John Ringo