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The Dance of Time Eric Flint
David Drake
Dance to the Sun William Esrac
Dark Companion Andre Norton
Dark Victory Brendan DuBois
A Darker Geometry Mark O. Martin
Greg Benford
The Darkling Fields of Arvon James G. Anderson
Mark Sebanc
Darkness and Dawn Andre Norton
Darkship Renegades Sarah Hoyt
Darkship Revenge Sarah Hoyt
Darkship Thieves Sarah Hoyt
Daughter of Magic C. Dale Brittain
David Falkayn: Star Trader Poul Anderson
David's Sling Marc Stiegler
The Day After Gettysburg Robert Conroy
J.R. Dunn
Dead Easy William Mark Simmons
Dead On My Feet William Mark Simmons
Dead Six Larry Correia
Mike Kupari
Deadly Dreams Andre Norton
Death and Thraxas Martin Scott
The Death of Sleep Anne McCaffrey
Jody Lynn Nye
Death's Bright Day David Drake
Deathkiller Spider Robinson
Debt of Ages Steve White
The Deed of Paksenarrion Elizabeth Moon
A Deeper Blue John Ringo
A Deepness in the Sky Vernor Vinge
Demon Blade Mark A. Garland
Charles C. McGraw
Demon's Gate Steve White
The Demons at Rainbow Bridge Jack L. Chalker
A Desert Called Peace Tom Kratman
Destiny's Forge: A Man-Kzin Wars Novel Paul Chafe
Destiny's Shield Eric Flint
David Drake
The Devil and Dan Cooley Holly Lisle
Walter Spence
The Devils' Game Poul Anderson
Diamond Star Catherine Asaro
Did You Say Chicks?! Esther Friesner
Digital Knight Ryk E. Spoor
Dinosaurs and a Dirigible David Drake
Diplomatic Act Peter Jurasik
William H. Keith Jr.
Diplomatic Immunity Lois McMaster Bujold
Disappearing Act Margaret Ball
The Disinherited Steve White
Do Unto Others Michael Z. Williamson
Doc Sidhe Aaron Allston
Dog and Dragon Dave Freer
The Domination S. M. Stirling
Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear Jody Lynn Nye
Down and Out in Purgatory Tim Powers
Down in the Bottomlands Harry Turtledove
L.Sprague De Camp
The Dracula Tapes Fred Saberhagen
The Dragon Done It Eric Flint
Mike Resnick
The Dragon Hammer Tony Daniel
Dragon in Exile Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
The Dragon Lord David Drake
Dragon Ship Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
The Dragon Variation Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
Dragon's Eye Christopher Stasheff
Dragon's Ring Dave Freer
Dragon's Teeth Mercedes Lackey
Dragonne's Eg Mary Brown
Drakas! S. M. Stirling
Drakon S. M. Stirling
Draw One in the Dark Sarah Hoyt
Duainfey Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
The Duke of Sumava Sarah J. Wrench
Dun Lady's Jess Doranna Durgin
Dykstra's War Jeffery D. Kooistra