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A Call to Vengeance David Weber
Timothy Zahn
Thomas Pope
A Pillar of Fire by Night Tom Kratman
A Star-Wheeled Sky Brad R. Torgersen
The A'Rak Michael Shea
Advance and Retreat Harry Turtledove
The Adventures of Myhr P. N. Elrod
Against the Odds Elizabeth Moon
Against the Tide John Ringo
The Agent Gambit Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
Agent of Change Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
Agent of Vega James H. Schmitz
Alaska Republik Stoney Compton
The Alexander Inheritance Eric Flint
Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Alien Dreams Larry Segriff
Alien Invasion Travis S. Taylor
Bob Boan
All the Plagues of Hell Eric Flint
Dave Freer
All the Way to the Gallows David Drake
Alliance of Equals Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
Alliance of Shadows Larry Correia
Mike Kupari
Alpha Catherine Asaro
Alternate Generals Harry Turtledove
Alternate Generals II Harry Turtledove
Alternate Generals III Harry Turtledove
Alternate Routes Tim Powers
The Amazing Dr. Darwin Charles Sheffield
The Amazon Legion Tom Kratman
The Amber Arrow Tony Daniel
And Less Than Kind Mercedes Lackey
Roberta Gellis
Angeleyes Michael Z. Williamson
The Anguished Dawn James P. Hogan
The Anvil S. M. Stirling
David Drake
The Apocalypse Troll David Weber
The Arcana: Book I: Silverhand Morgan Llywelyn
Michael Scott
The Arcana: Book II: Silverlight Morgan Llywelyn
Michael Scott
The Armageddon Inheritance David Weber
Armored John Joseph Adams
Article 23 William R. Forstchen
As Time Goes By Hank Davis
Ashes of Victory David Weber
Ashes of Victory - Special Limited Edition David Weber
Assignment in Eternity Robert A. Heinlein
At All Costs David Weber
Avalanche: Book Five of the Secret World Chronicle Mercedes Lackey
Cody Martin
Dennis Lee
Veronica Giguere