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Caine Riordan
Fire with Fire
Trial by Fire
Raising Caine
Caine's Mutiny
Carerra Series
A Desert Called Peace
The Lotus Eaters
The Amazon Legion
Come and Take Them
A Pillar of Fire by Night
Carousel Series
Carousel Tides
Carousel Sun
Carousel Seas
The Case Files of Justis Fearsson
Spell Blind
His Father's Eyes
Shadow's Blade
Chaos Keep
The Demons at Rainbow Bridge
The Run to Chaos Keep
90 Trillion Fausts
Chicks in Chainmail
Chicks in Chainmail
Did You Say Chicks?!
Chicks 'n Chained Males
The Chicks in the Mail
Turn the Other Chick
Chicks Ahoy
Chicks and Balances
Chronicles of the Kencyrath
Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry
The God Stalker Chronicles
Seeker's Bane
Bound in Blood
Honor's Paradox
The Sea of Time
The Gates of Tagmeth
Citizen Series
Into the Hinterlands
Into the Maelstrom
Cobra Rebellion Series
Cobra Slave
Cobra Outlaw
Cobra Traitor
Cobra Wars
Cobra War Book I: Cobra Alliance
Cobra War Book II: Cobra Guardian
Cobra War Book III: Cobra Gamble
Cobra War Trilogy
The Council Wars
There Will be Dragons
Emerald Sea
Against the Tide
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Countdown Series
Countdown: The Liberators
Countdown: M Day
Crisis of Empire Series
An Honorable Defense
Cluster Command
The War Machine
Crown of Empire
Crown of Slaves
Torch of Freedom
Crown of Slaves
Cauldron of Ghosts