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Balanced Sword
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix in Shadow
Phoenix Ascendant
Bard's Tale
The Lark and the Wren
Castle of Deception
Fortress of Frost and Fire
Prison of Souls
The Robin and the Kestrel
The Eagle and the Nightingale
The Chaos Gate
The Free Bards
Belisarius Saga
An Oblique Approach
In the Heart of Darkness
Destiny's Shield
Fortune's Stroke
The Tide of Victory
The Dance of Time
Belisarius I: Thunder at Dawn
Belisarius II: Storm at Noontide
Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset
The Berserkers Series
Berserker Death
Rogue Berserker
Berserker Man
Berserker Throne
Black Tide Rising Series
Under a Graveyard Sky
To Sail a Darkling Sea
Islands of Rage and Hope
Strands of Sorrow
Black Tide Rising
The Valley of Shadows
The Boundary Series
Castaway Planet
Castaway Odyssey
The Brain and Brawn Ship Series
The Ship Who Searched
The City Who Fought
The Ship Who Won
The Ship Errant
The Ship Avenged
The Ship Who Saved the Worlds
Brain Ships