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Josepha Sherman
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Forging the Runes

DOI: 9781625794499, $6.99
eBook (January 2016)

A Strange and Ancient Name

DOI: 9781625794369, $6.99
eBook (September 2015)

Urban Nightmares

with Keith DeCandido

ISBN: 0-671-87851-4, $5.99
Paperback (November 1997)

The Chaos Gate

ISBN: 0-671-87597-3, $5.99
Paperback (April 1994)

See other books in the Bard's Tale series.
A Cast of Corbies

with Mercedes Lackey

ISBN: 0-671-72207-7, $5.99
Paperback (February 1994)

Castle of Deception

with Mercedes Lackey

ISBN: 0-671-72125-9, $5.99
Paperback (July 1992)

See other books in the Bard's Tale series.
Lammas Night

with Mercedes Lackey

ISBN: 0-671-87713-5, $5.99
Paperback (February 1996)