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C. Dale Brittain
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Count Scar

with Robert A. Bouchard

ISBN: 0-671-87801-8, $5.99
Paperback (September 1997)

Daughter of Magic

ISBN: 0-671-87720-8, $5.99
Paperback (May 1996)

A Bad Spell in Yurt

ISBN: 0-671-72075-9, $5.99
Paperback (June 1995)

The Wood Nymph and the Cranky Saint

ISBN: 0-671-72156-9, $4.99
Paperback (February 1993)

Mage Quest

ISBN: 0-671-72169-0, $4.99
Paperback (May 1993)

The Witch and the Cathedral

ISBN: 0-671-87661-9, $5.99
Paperback (April 1995)