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Tom Kratman
conducted by Blackfive TV
September 2008

Blackfive has teamed with Baen Books to provide you with a series of interviews with the best military science fiction writers in the world. The first part of this series will be on Blackfive TV and posted both here and at the Baen Web Site. It focuses on authors Tom Kratman, David Drake, Mark Van Name, David Weber, and Travis S. Taylor. Each of these authors has been kind enough to sit down and spend, on average, an hour or more discussing their works, their backgrounds, and other topics of interest.

You will get to see almost every second of that time. No editing for soundbites, no chopping for time, or to fit a format (or agenda). The interviews are being broken into reasonable lengths (about 10 minutes each), and will be posted M-F until the entire interview is done.

But wait, there's more! Part Two is already in work, and will include Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Dean Ing, John Ringo, and—we hope—Tim Zahn. Some or all of these may be written interviews, but if an additional sponsor is found, most or all of these could become video interviews as well.

Part 1: Tom Kratman

Interview with Tom Kratman Part 2

Interview with Tom Kratman Part 3

Interview with Tom Kratman Part 4

Interview with Tom Kratman Part 5