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Gary Ruddell
conducted by Toni Weisskopf
August 2004

TW: How did you get started illustrating SF? Any specific influences?

GR: Ace Books hired me out. As for influences, N.C. Wyeth was my favorite illustrator.

TW: What are some of the best perks of being a science fiction artist?

GR: I get to read some great Baen books. [Aw, shucks. J]

TW: Do you have any favorites among your paintings?

GR: I love the Hyperion series of paintings and the Thieves World books.

TW: What was the first sf story you ever read?

GR: Stranger in a Strange Land [by Robert A. Heinlein].

TW: Who are some of your favorite non-sf authors?

GR: John Irving, David Sedaris at the moment.

TW: What invention or scientific leap in understanding would you most like to see made in your lifetime?

GR: A time machine so I could go back to when illustrators made big money! [Cute!]

TW: If you could go back to one incident in all of history to watch as a spectator what would it be?

GR: 1668 to have coffee with Vermeer in Amsterdam.