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The Ross 248 Project - eARC

Table of Contents

Foreword by Steven Kwast
Introduction by Les Johnson & Ken Roy
Garden of Serpents by Patrick Chiles
And a Child Shall Lead Them by Stephanie Olsborn
Philosophical and Material Foundations of the Space Patrol by Brent Ziarnick
Somebody’s World by Laura Montgomery
Kraken Rising by Daniel M. Hoyt & E. Marshall Hoyt
Terraforming Planets Under a Red Sun by Matthew Williams
Dim Carcosa by D.J. Butler
Echoes of a Beating Heart by Robert E. Hampson
1-of-Antonia by Monalisa Foster
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) by J.L. Curtis
A Field of Play by K.S. Daniels
Not Too Tired by Les Johnson & Ken Roy

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