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Grantville Gazette IX - eARC

Table of Contents

Preface by Eric Flint
Nasty, Brutish and Short by Eric Flint
The Bad Seed by Tim Sayeau
Grantville Is Crazy by Robert Noxon
Hunter, My Huntress by Griffin Barber
Reed and Kathy Sue by Bjorn Hasseler
Nun Danket by Clair Kiernan
The Ghosts of the Blauschloss by Margo Ryor
The Queen’s Gearhead by Mark Huston
Letters from Inchon by Robert Waters
A Sucker Born Every Minute by Phillip Riviezzo
No, John, No! by Jack Carroll & Terry Howard
Good German Axes by Tim Roesch
For Want of a Nail by Sarah Hays
The Marshal Comes to Suhl by Mike Watson
The Tower of Babel by Iver Cooper
Dr. Phil Rules the Waves by Kerryn Offord & Rick Boatright
What Price for a Miracle? by Terry Howard
The Three Stooges by Brad Banner
Stolen Reputations by Anne Keener
The Invisible Dogs of Grantville by Jackie Britton Lopatin
A Season of Change by Kerryn Offord
The Seven Dwarves and the Generals Jackson by Bjorn Hasseler
Quelles Misérables by David Carrico
You’ve Got to Be Kidding by Tim Sayeau

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