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Erich von Horst, a con man's con man.

Major Theodore Dobbins, late of His Majesty's Armed Forces, and more recently wanted in nine African nations for dealing in certain perishable commodities.

Baroness Schimmelmetz, whose inheritance of $800 million does tend to offset some of her less desirable features, such as her face, her body, and her personality.

Jasper McCorkle, who has modest plans to become the Emperor of Machu Picchu.

Rupert Cornwall, who doesn't travel quite as much as our hero, but is currently wanted by the police of three different continents.

Rama, the Bird Girl.

Bella, the Other Bird Girl.

Dr. Mirbeau, who has found a profitable new use for science on his secret island.

Valeria, a high priestess who is dressed for extremely warm weather.

Henry, formerly of New Jersey, presently the god of a thoroughly lost continent.

Merry Bunta, a charming girl who has perhaps unfairly high standards for her suitors' intelligence.

Jose Alvarez, one of many San Palmero presidential aspirants.

Culamara, who is either a naked goddess or a naked lady of the evening, or possibly both.

Capturin' Clyde Calhoun, famed the world over for bringing 'em back alive. Not intact, but alive.

The Scorpion Lady, an Oriental criminal mastermind with a truly exceptional pair of lungs.

Bubbles, an anaconda with an attitude.

And our narrator, The Right Reverend Honorable Doctor Lucifer Jones, a handsome, noble and resourceful Christian gentlemen who has certain unresolved disagreements with nine separate South American governments over the finer points of the law.

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