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Rafe (Raphael) Aguilera:
Former tank commander, Third Construction Supervisor for the Lexington
Andrew Allport:
jinau sergeant in Baker Company
Dr. Eleanor Ames:
chief Jao physician (medician) on the Lexington
Michael Bast:
doctor on the Lexington
John Bringmann:
jinau in Baker Company
Melonie Brown:
Bridge Engineering Officer on the Lexington
Nancy Burgeson:
jinau in Baker Company
Scott Cupp:
jinau in Baker Company, private
Kristal Dalgetty:
jinau in Baker Company, pilot
Charles Duquette:
Lead-Pilot on the Lexington
Debra Fligor:
jinau in Baker Company, sergeant
Dennis Greer:
jinau in Baker Company, corporal
Thomas Kelly:
jinau in Baker Company, corporal
Dr. Jonathan Kinsey:
Professor of History, specialist on the Jao
Caitlin Alana Stockwell Kralik:
daughter of the President of the Jao's native government of North America, a member of Aille's service, Ed's wife
Ed Kralik:
Jinau commander of Earth forces, Major General, Caitlin's husband
Samuel Lim:
jinau in Baker Company
Caewithe Miller:
Lieutenant from Atlanta, jinau in Baker Company
Wallace Murphy:
jinau in Baker Company
Ned Phillips:
Tully's batman, half Cherokee, from Oklahoma
Willa Sawyer:
head of Human Resistance in Rocky Mountains camp
Benjamin Wilson Stockwell:
President of North America, Caitlin's father
Gabe (Gabriel) Tully:
former Resistance fighter, now a member of Aille's service, ranking as a major, and commander of Baker Company, a jinau unit
Rob Wiley:
Former U.S. Army lieutenant and military commander of the North American Resistance, now an officer in the jinau
Gary Young:
jinau in Baker Company


Eldest of Ekhatlore
Eldest of Weaponsmakers
older unassigned male of the dochaya
Eldest of all and leader of the Han, also Eldest of the Dwellingconstructors
Starwarders pilot
Eldest of Shipservicers
originally of the Starsifters, founds Jaolore
youth released from Ekhatlore to help with Jaolore
Starsifters, senior to Jihan
unassigned female of the dochaya
Eldest of the Childtenders
formerly unassigned youth accepted by Jaolore
Eldest of the Starsifters


Aille krinnu ava Terra:
Jao governor of Terra (was Aille krinnu ava Pluthrak)
Amnst krinnu ava Krant:
current Krant kochanau
Braltan krinnu ava Krant:
young male terniary-tech on his first voyage
Subcommandant who, two thousand years ago, refused the Lleix's offers to help the Jao free themselves from the Ekhat
Brel krinnu ava Terra:
Subcommander equal in rank to Rob Wiley
Chul krinnu ava Monat:
terniary-adjunct who was in charge of the submersibles refit two years ago, expert in adapting Earth tech to work with Jao
Dannet krinnu ava Terra:
Captain of the Lexington, born of Narvo
Kaln krinnu ava Krant:
Senior-Tech on her destroyed ship
Jalta krinnu ava Krant:
pool-sib to Mallu, ranked Terniary-Commander on the destroyed ship
Mallu krinnu ava Krant:
Krant-Captain, pool-sib to Jalta
Mant krinnu ava Terra:
jinau in Baker Company
Naddo krinnu ava Krant:
Krant crew member
Nam krinnu ava Terra:
jinau in Baker company
Nath krinnu ava Terra:
Floor-Supervisor of the Pascagoula Refit Facility, Aille's first-mate, mother to his son and daughter
Otta krinnu ava Terra:
Pleniary-Commander, second in command of the Lexington, born of Nimmat
Sten krinnu ava Terra:
navigator on the Lexington, formerly of Binnat
Urta krinnu ava Krant:
Krant crewmember
Wrot krinnu ava Terra:
formerly retired veteran of the Conquest, born of Hemm, now an elder in Terra's new Jao taif
Yaut krinnu ava Terra:
Aille's fraghta, born of Jithra, an elder in Terra Taif

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