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Lucy's Blade

Table of Contents

Dramatis Personae

Prologue, A Room in Queen Elizabeth's Palace

Act 1, Barn Elms Wildlife Park

Act 2, A Dark Universe

Act 4, Barn Elms House

Act 4, The Palace of Nonsuch

Act 5, Queen Elizabeth's Apartment

Act 6, The Spanish Main

Act 7, The Atlantic Ocean

Act 8, The River Thames

Act 9, The Streets of London

Act 10, The Bloody Tower

Act 11, St. Katherine's Dock

Act 12, Wood Road at Night

Act 13, The Lion Tower

Act 14, The Safe House

Act 15, Conferences and Questions

Act 16, The River Crouch

Act 17, The Earl of Oxford's Country Seat

Act 18, John Dee's Cottage at Mortlake

Act 19, Leaving London

Act 20, On Strange Seas

Act 21, Bimini

Act 22, Endings And Beginnings


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