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Abernathy LeCroix – governor of Louisiana

Adjoa – one of the people who lives in Perfection; friend of Ellenora LeCroix’s

Alouette – a teenaged girl that works in Madame Bois D’Arc’s shop

Callum Durocher – friend of Abernathy LeCroix

Chrissy – Rook’s girlfriend

Dane Rook – Union agent, former partner of Delilah Thorn, a native of Kentucky

Delilah Thorn – Union agent placed on Pritchard’s staff as Danielle Ashbury

Ellenora LeCroix – the governor’s wife

Etienne – a man rescued from one of the camps, loyal to the governor

George Threadfell – sheriff of Baton Rouge

Johann Stahl – consultant from the German Empire assigned to Louisiana

Lois Levallier – Governor LeCroix’s secretary

Madame Bois D’Arc – the owner of a small shop near the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge

Mayfield Porter – Thorn’s significant other, undercover as a janitor at the state museum next to the governor’s mansion; never uses his first name

Miss Frannie – Underground Railroad depot leader

Miss Valerie – Porter’s landlord, a former member of the Underground Railroad

Morris – Underground Railroad depot leader from Perdition, Arkansas, married to Captain Lynne Jensen, a Free States Special Ops agent

Obadiah – member of the Baton Rouge depot of the Underground Railroad

Reginald Pritchard – Free States’ ambassador to Louisiana

Remy “Bayou Man” Arceneaux – a cousin of Abernathy LeCroix’s

Roger Duff – an undersecretary in the newly-formed Office of Confederate Relations

Silas Bradenton – president of the Confederacy

Travers du Champ – lieutenant governor of Louisiana

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