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The Demons of Constantinople

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—A Cat’s Eye View
Chapter 2—How Are We Getting There?
Chapter 3—Donauworth
Chapter 4—Vienna
Chapter 5—On The River Again
Chapter 6—Constantinople
Chapter 7—Settling In
Chapter 8—Suzerainty
Chapter 9—Councils of the Mighty
Chapter 10—Attack on Tzouroulos
Chapter 11—Battle Damage
Chapter 12—A Pause to Breathe
Chapter 13—Fort Rusion and Consequences
Chapter 14—Rebuilding Byzantium
Chapter 15—Genoa
Chapter 16—Enemies of Enemies of . . .
Chapter 17—The Hagia Sophia
Chapter 18—Constantinople SkunkWorks
Chapter 19—The Battle of the Bosporus
Chapter 20—Betrayal
Chapter 21—Rumor
Chapter 22—Slipping Away
Cast of Characters

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