The Cat's Job

What is the Cat's Job?

Some say a cat's job is to be decorative. Some say it is to slay vermin. Some say a cat ought to earn his or her keep, and some think cats are mere pets. Some folks are dog people, but we don't need to talk too much about them here.

In this chapbook we look at a cat mayor at work, talk about cats as people, and share several fictional pieces dealing with the place of cats and their people in the universe at large.

The Cat's Job was one of SRM Publisher's most popular titles since 2002; in 2010 Sharon Lee and Steve Miller added a rarely seen 1979 collaborative effort as well as a timeline of the household they call The Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, with special reference to Blueblaze Sphinxian Hexapuma, the cover cat. This Pinbeam Book edition contains the complete 2010 text. Enjoy!

Cover photograph of Hexapuma Copyright © 2010 by Steve Miller

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

April 2011 by Pinbeam Books
The Big Ice by Sharon Lee first appeared in CatFantastic V
The Cat's Job by Steve Miller first appeared in Chariot the Stars
Ginger and the Bully of Lowergate Court © 1996, 2002 by Sharon Lee
King of the Cats ©2002 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Hexapuma and this edition © 2010 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
10th Life © 1979 by Steve Miller

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