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Introduction and Map

J. E. Fison is no stranger to danger ...

I'm the first to admit that being an international adventurer has its tricky moments: like the time I was camping in Africa and woke up to find two male elephants fighting outside the tent. Mind the tins of baked beans, would you guys! Then there was the time I was on a nighttime safari and the open-top jeep broke down, just as a pride of lions decided to start their hunt! My advice when you come face to face with a lion is: try not to panic.

In the jungles of Borneo I once shook hands with an orang-utan. I didn't mean to and I don't recommend it; they're much stronger than you think. I've also eaten a lot of things that I wish I hadn't. Wok-fried grasshoppers taste just like they look and rat soup tastes even worse than it sounds.

J. E. Fison – Brisbane 2010


Shark Frenzy!
Snake Surprise!
Tiger Terror!
Bat Attack!

Dedicated to the koala. Loss of habitat threatens their survival.

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