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My Private Pectus

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Ferret and the Hooker
Chapter 2: P(eeved)-Plater
Chapter 3: Never, Never, Never Gotten Laid
Chapter 4: Cuppas Cops the Lot
Chapter 5: Don't Look at Me, I'm Not Attractive
Chapter 6: Taking it to the Top
Chapter 7: Cellulite with my Detention, Please
Chapter 8: I Flogged the P
Chapter 9: I Peaked too Soon
Chapter 10: Pectus Boyz
Chapter 11: Resistance is Useless
Chapter 12: Bluebird Night Out
Chapter 13: Roger Pask
Chapter 14: My Private Pectus
Chapter 15: Dyna-Mike
Chapter 16: King of the Road
Chapter 17: Jerry-atric
Chapter 18: It's Tough Being Friends
Chapter 19: Kiss and Tell
Chapter 20: The Party
Chapter 21: The Aftermath
Chapter 22: All Blogged Up and No Place to Go
Chapter 23: Fixing It

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