Doctor Alien: Three Tales

Pure science fiction fun mixed with a sense of wonder

Not terribly far in the future, a highly sophisticated alien species, the Tsf, have set up Trading Posts on Earth. Naturally, humans want to please them in hopes that the Tsf will share their ultra-advanced technology. And an opportunity arises to do just that.

The Tsf have rescued three aliens of three different, previously unknown species on, or in one case near three damaged spaceships. But something psychological appears to be seriously wrong with all three.

When their specialists fail to help these space-shipwrecked beings, the Tsf turn to humans for help.

Dr. Alanso J. Morganson, well-respected psychiatrist, is drafted to travel to a Tsf space station orbiting Earth, where he can examine these three strange, troubled beings and determine what their problems are. And he must propose a treatment plan.

Dr. Morganson knows the task is impossible, and perhaps no one in human history has been so far out of their depth.

But humanity is counting on him. To avoid drowning, “Dr. Alien” had best grab a lifejacket or grow tall enough to find solid land under his feet.

Each Dr. Alien tale builds on the last, culminating with a unique vista on a truly cosmic scale, as well as possibilities for astonishing developments to come.

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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Previously published “Doctor Alien” Analog Jan/Feb 2009
“Doctor Alien’s Five Empty Boxes” Analog Jul/Aug 2010
“Doctor Alien and the Spindles of Infinity” Analog Jan/Feb 2012

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