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Thursday, 24 September 2105

Nathaniel Davis, who thought himself a clever man, derived enormous pleasure from the sheet of paper that lay beside the platter of croissants on the force desk of his cabin. The puns delighted him.

Operation Playground

1) Sub-operation Draft Agent White – complete

2) Sub-operation Needle Agent Silver – complete

3) Sub-operation Haystack Agent Tan – running

4) Sub-operation SNAFU Agent Red – running

5) Sub-operation Featherduster Agent Lime – ready

6) Sub operation Mintmaker – Agent Gold – ready

He nodded to Green and Red, who sat on the other side of his desk. “Gentlemen, we are off to an excellent start. I remind you: Operation PlayGround’s success, and The Organization’s very security, depend on you. The penalties for failure are  . . .  unimaginable.” He smiled. Evilly.

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