Notes on the Carreraverse

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Carreraverse in one handy volume! Tom Kratman’s Carrera series has cut a swath through the military science fiction genre. Now Kratman outlines the history and worldbuilding of his popular creation.

“[Kratman is] a professional military man . . . up to speed on military and geopolitical conceits.”—Mark Steyn, best-selling author of America Alone

“Kratman raises disquieting questions on what it might take to win the war on terror . . . [with] realistic action sequences, strong characterizations, and thoughts on the philosophy of war.”—Publishers Weekly

Cover Art by Jennie Faries

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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