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With deepest gratitude to Stanley Schmidt, Ph.D., editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, who bought my first and second sales (in fact, the first two volumes herein); Betsy Mitchell, who copyedited them; the late March Laumer, who offered my first professional encouragement; Russell Galen, my then-agent; and Lou Aronica of Bantam Books, who originally bought and published this story.

With thanks to all the patient folk who indulged and aided me in the necessary research, including (but not limited to): Bill Tjalsma, Russian Language Department, University of Florida. Ralph T. Guild III, M.D.; Frances Boulus Guild, R.N.; Allan W. March, M.D. (all of Shands Teaching Hospital, University of Florida). John J. Boyle, M.D., Gainesville, Florida. Joseph Green, Education and Awareness Branch, NASA. Joe Angelo, Ph.D., USAF, Eastern Space and Missile Center, Patrick Air Force Base. Kerry Mark Joels, Gregory P. Kennedy, and David Larkin, authors of The Space Shuttle Operator’s Manual. Jane Beckham, Law Librarian, Marion County, Florida. Sarah Willard, M.D., Orlando, Florida.

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