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For Susan Allison

The editors would like to thank the following people for their help and support:

Virginia Kidd, Jane Butler, Perry Knowlton, Adam Deixel, Stuart Schiff, Trina King, Susan Casper, Jeanne Van Buren Dann, Janet Kagen, Michael Swanwick, Bob Walters, Pat LoBrutto, Al Sarrantonio, Tom Whitehead of the Special Collections Department of the Paley Library at Temple University (and his staff, particularly Connie King and John Betancourt), Edward and Audrey Ferman, Kirby McCauley, Brian Perry of Fat Cat Books (263 Main Street, Johnson City, New York 13790), Edward Bryant, Manly Wade Wellman, Francis Garfield, the convention staff of Constellation, Hallie Burnett, Jan Kardys from Scholastic Magazines, Inc., Gene Wolfe, George Scithers, Pamela Sargent, Beth Meacham, and special thanks to our own editor, Susan Allison.

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