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Grantville Gazette Volume 50

Table of Contents

What is this? About the Grantville Gazette by Grantville Gazette Staff
Franklin's Monsters, Act III: The Power to Fly by Terry Howard and Esther Merriken
The Multi-Colored King by Meriah L. Crawford and Robert E. Waters
The Winter of '35 by Bjorn Hasseler
A Season of Change by Kerryn Offord
Ein Feste Burg, Episode 11 by Rainer Prem
The Undergraduate, Episode Two by Jack Carroll and Edith Wild
Infectious Pestilence: Part 1, Coping with Plague in Early Modern Europe by Iver P. Cooper
Editing Changes by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Contraflow is Really Close by Grantville Gazette Staff
Time Spike: The Mysterious Mesa, Part One by Garrett W. Vance
Global Village by Edith Maor

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