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From a 102nd-Century Dictionary

Chassis, n.s.: (1) a frame and working parts, as of a machine or electronic device, exclusive of housing and external surfaces; (2) of any Silicate intelligence, one or more interchangeable physical carriers designed for some specific purpose and having shape, structure, and tools appropriate to that purpose.

Flüchtling, n.s., m., ~e, pl.: fugitive, refugee, runaway; colloq. an outcast from the reference now (q.v.), usually gathering in an earlier time and place as members of (collective term) a coven. O.G.

Jongleur, n.s., m., ~s, pl.: 1. tumbler, acrobat, juggler, street busker; also, mountebank, huckster, charlatan; 2. (cap.) an officer of the organization that consolidates and regulates travel through time, member of (collective term) the Troupe. O.F.

Möglichkeit, n.s., f., ~en, pl.: possibility; Möglich, ~en, pl.:   a sentient theoretical construct from one or more probabilistic decision points (cf. Wahrschein Punkt) following the “Schein” or “not taken” direction. O.G.

Neural imprint, n.s.: the process of transcribing electrochemical activity in the human brain into quantum entanglement of electrons across multiple time cones, as a means of preserving thought and memory against distortions due to alteration of the past.

Reference now, n.s.: current time, the actual or true “now,” as perceived from a subjective viewpoint. Colloquially, as applied to time travel, “reference now” may also refer to the traveler’s original or starting time and place, as opposed to the time and place of arrival.

Selvage, n.s.: 1. the edge on either side of a woven or flat-knitted fabric so finished as to prevent raveling; 2. of a fractured singularity (q.v.), the process of annealing the point of quantum leakage so that it does not naturally close.

Singularity, n.s.: 1. (physics) a point or region of infinite mass density at which space and time are infinitely distorted by gravitational forces; the final state of matter falling into a black hole; 2. (mathematics) a point at which the derivative of a given function of a complex variable does not exist but every neighborhood of which contains points for which the derivative does exist; fractured s~: a singularity exhibiting quantum leakage of mass/energy into one or more temporospatial dimensions.

Temps, n.s.&pl., m.: 1. time; 2. weather; 3. (grammatical) tense; 4. (musical) tempo, T. fort, downbeat, T. faible, upbeat; 5. (gymnastics, military exercises) repetition. O.F.

Voyageur, n.s., m. ~s, pl.: traveler, passenger, explorer. O.F.

Wahrschein, ~lichkeit, n.s., f., ~en, pl.: probability; ~ Punkt: probability node, probabilistic decision point. O.G.


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