Lost Among the Stars

In this astonishing, variegated assortment of tales, award-winning author Paul Di Filippo covers all the themes and modes he is best known for, and ventures into new territory as well.

—Visit a hermetic city where beauty is the only currency.

—Experience a steampunk fable in which nothing is what it first seems, and a young man’s future rests on finding his true father.

—Hang out with the techno-savvy, social-media gypsies who form the new elite in the not-too-distant future.

—Ride a wild ribofunk express train into the badlands where a man’s skin is not his own.

—Experience a counterfactual World War II where victory is achieved by amazing rays.

—Visit a haunted Italian city where the Neolithic and the present live side-by-side, and a hero who falls in love with a goddess and who must battle her ancient foe.

—Visit an Orwellian future redeemed only by the imagination and love of a tortured dissenter.

These are just some of the uncanny tales contained in this collection, incorporating comedy and tragedy, laughter and tears!

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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eISBN: 978-1-61475-465-7

Copyright 2016 Paul Di Filippo
“City of Beauty, City of Scars” first appeared in Impossible Futures, 2013.
“The Kings of Mount Golden” first appeared in Clockwork Fairy Tales, 2013.
“Adventures in Cognitive Homogamy: A Love Story” first appeared in Asimov’s, 2013.
“Desperados of the Badlands” first appeared in Analog, 2013.
“Wavehitcher” first appeared in Nature, 2013.
“Life in the Carbyne Age” first appeared in Omni Reboot, 2013.
“The Via Panisperna Boys in ‘Operation Harmony’” first appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction, 2014.
“Providence 2034” first appeared in The College Hill Independent, 2014.
“Ghostless” first appeared in The Monkey’s Other Paw, 2014.
“Chasing the Queen of Sassi” first appeared as an ebook from APT Basilicata, 2014.
“The Garden of Pareidolia” appears here for the first time.

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an imprint of WordFire Inc
PO Box 1840
Monument, CO 80132

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