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Blood Ties

Table of Contents

Dedication & Acknowledgements
Chapter One — The Taste of Black Powder
Chapter Two — Battlefield
Chapter Three — Sore Loser
Chapter Four — This Can't Last
Chapter Five — Qi's Telegram
Chapter Six — Sometimes Settled Ain't Settled
Chapter Seven — Consarned Contraptions
Chapter Eight — Civil Enemies
Chapter Nine — Cards and Bluffs
Chapter Ten — Bluffs and Guns
Chapter Eleven — Just One Lump, Please
Chapter Twelve — Hard Questions
Chapter Thirteen — Morse for Breakfast
Chapter Fourteen — Big Trouble in Little China
Chapter Fifteen — Tong for Two
Chapter Sixteen — The Mad Emperor
Chapter Seventeen — Nitro for the Lady
Chapter Eighteen — Master Chung
Chapter Nineteen — Memories of a Ghost Hunter
Chapter Twenty — Comrades in Arms
Chapter Twenty-one — Moonlight Ruckus
Chapter Twenty-two — Rock and a Hard Place
Chapter Twenty-three — Settled Finally Gets Settled
Chapter Twenty-four — The Gauntlet
Chapter Twenty-five — The Enemy of My Enemy
Chapter Twenty-six — A Deal Deal
About the Author

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