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Thomas World was without a doubt the most surreal writing experience of my life and could not have been accomplished without love and inspiration from the following:

Matt Bialer, Jeff Martin, Blake and Whitney Mathews, Amanda Reid, Lance Scott Rubin, Chera Kimiko, Veronika Larsson, Zara Potts, Nick Bostrom, Tawni Crider, Adriana Ortega, Mandy Fishburn, Christopher Logan, Tara Pisarchuk, Christina Oreb, Jessica Cermak, René Descartes, Erika Rae, Becky Palapala, Emily Hicks, Jamie Resol Miser, Jack Rebney, Kristin Niemeir, Mischa Gorrell, Sabrina Thompson, Angelina Millare, Thomas Phillips, Carmody Sloan, Brett Robbins, Renetta Amador, Slade Ham, Megan Rock Star DiLullo, community, Chanda Cox Curtis, Brandon Cox, Richard and Janie Cox, and of course Philip K. Dick.

They say when you talk to God it’s prayer,

but when God talks to you,

it’s schizophrenia.

—Fox Mulder, The X-Files

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