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The Chronicles of Davids

Table of Contents

What's in a Name? by David Afsharirad
The Savage by David Drake
I Could've Done Better by Gregory Benford & David Brin
The Seven Nipples of Molly Kitchen by D.J. Butler
DeMille and Me by D.L. Young
A Servant of the Protector by David Hardy
Long Nights Moon by David B. Coe
Creation Unforgivable by David H. Keller
As It Began by Dave Bara
Full Chicken Richness by Avram Davidson
Four Days by David Carrico
The Tyranny of Distance by Dave Freer
Lyman Gilmore Jr.'s Impossible Dream by David Boop
Too Many Gods by Hank Davis
The Traitor by David Weber
Editor's Note
An Epilogue: The House of David by Barry N. Malzberg
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