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Stellaris: People of the Stars

Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert E. Hampson, PhD
Burn the Boats by Sarah A. Hoyt
Bridging by William Ledbetter
The Future of Intelligent Life in the Cosmos by Martin Rees
Stella Infantes by Kacey Ezell and Philip Wohlrab
Maintaining Crew Health and Mission Performance in Ventures Beyond Near-Earth Space by Mark Shelhamer
At the Bottom of the White by Todd McCaffrey
Pageants of Humanity by Brent Roeder
Homo Stellaris—Working Track Report from the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop by Robert E. Hampson and Les Johnson
Time Flies by Kevin J. Anderson
Our Worldship Broke! by Jim Beall
Nanny by Les Johnson
Those Left Behind by Robert E. Hampson
Securing the Stars by Mike Massa
The Smallest of Things by Catherine L. Smith
Biological and Medical Challenges of the Transition to Homo Stellaris by Nikhil Rao, MD
Exodus by Daniel M. Hoyt
Afterword by Les Johnson
Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop

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