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Foreign Ministry

of the United Commonwealths

Cultural Development Service

Earth Headquarters

Interdepartmental No. 19847364


From: Adalbert Parr, Chief Cultural Commissioner

to: Hardman Terwilliger, Head Administrator, Personnel Office, New Cultures Section, Extraterrestrial Adjustment and Assignment Branch

subject: Tokan Autochthones, Development of, Cultural

references: (a) TISS Report 17281, (b) TISS Report 28485, (c) Prelim. Psych. Rep. 12971-B, (d) CDS Regs, (rev.), Vol. XVIII, Sec. 49, Par. 2-c

1. You are hereby advised that the Tokan ursinoids, as originally reported in Ref. (a) and subsequently in Ref. (b), have agreed to send a delegation to EHQ to consider guidance. Details in Ref. (b), especially as regards mineral deposits on planet and strategic location of star in area where civilization is rapidly expanding, indicate that acceptance of such status by the aforementioned is highly desirable from the standpoint of achieving the objectives of the League and this Service.

2. Of course, the party of six whom HMS Draco of Ref. (b) have brought to Sol can legally speak only for their own small city-states, but empirical evidence given in Ref. (c) suggests that no great difficulty will be experienced in co-ordinating the rest of the planet once such a foothold has been gained.

3. The Tokan delegation is now in quarantine Callisto Reception Center, but is expected to reach Earthport Prime on 5th inst. at 0947 hours GMT.

4. You are therefore directed to prepare suitable quarters and entertainment for the aforementioned with a view to inducing them to accept ward status for their people, stressing the preferability of our protection and guidance to whatever precarious and backward autonomy their nations may possess at the moment.

5. In accordance with Ref. (d), you are further directed to nominate a suitable plenipotentiary in event of affirmative decision by Tokans.

6. However, Refs. (a), (b), and (c) do show this to be quite an unusual case. It is by no means certain that any of our own career personnel would be an ideal choice for the position, but rather someone already possessing a degree of familiarity with the Tokan situation is to be recommended for at least temporary appointment.


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