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Grantville Gazette VIII

Table of Contents

Descartes Before the Whores by Eric Flint
Historically Well Preserved by Virginia DeMarce
Bank on It by Griffin Barber
Jacob’s Ladder by John Zeek
Bibelgesellschaft by Bjorn Hasseler
The Heirloom by Robert Waters
Sole Heir by Terry Howard
Aerial Donkeys by Herbert Sakalaucks
Buddy by David W. Dove
Transit by James Copley
M. Klein Fashion Dolls by Caroline Palmer
Orlando Delivers by Sarah Hays and Terry Howard
Stockholm Syndrome by A. P. Davidson
Boom Toys by Kim Mackey
Mitzi the Kid by Kevin H. and Karen C. Evans
The Arrow by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett
The Society of Saint Philip of the Screwdriver by Rick Boatright
The Cartesian Way by Mark H. Huston
It’s Just a Dog by Walt Boyes
St. George Does It Again by Kerryn Offord
The Maltese Crux by Alistair Kimble

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