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This book is dedicated to all of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine soldiers and sailors active, inactive, reserve, and retired that have offered insight and knowledge on the various military aspects I’ve included in these books. For those who complained about the language you can blame them for putting the idea in my head and also my personal overzealous desire to honor them. When I first wrote One Day On Mars I read it to a room full of Marines at a convention. Most of them suggested that I hadn’t used the F-word near enough. And then they laughed. I told them then and there that I would endeavor to do better, maybe even over the top. I did it for them though I must admit it has been a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed writing these books about military heroes immensely.

Oh, and seriously, I spent weeks talking with a Navy carrier bridge crew officer to get some of the feel and idea about how things went on a supermega navy vessel. I most definitely appreciated all his input and advice. And to any other soldiers out there that offered help, advice, consultation, or just a beer this book is dedicated to you as well. Thank you for your help, advice, and most of all, for your service and sacrifice. I hope you’ve all liked the books and could see your influence on them.

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