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Triceratops Summer


Here’s a summer memorable for more than the sudden appearance of a herd of triceratopsies, or whatever the plural is, with a comfortable relationship contrasted with a brand-new, more intense one. If it is better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all, how does having loved and lost and not having loved at all stack up?

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Michael Swanwick has received the Hugo (six times), Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards for his work. His novel Stations of the Tide was honored with the Nebula Award and was also nominated for the Hugo and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. His short work, “The Edge of the World,” was awarded the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award in 1989. It was also nominated for both the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards. “Radio Waves” received the World Fantasy Award in 1996. “The Very Pulse of the Machine” received the Hugo Award in 1999, as did “Scherzo with Tyrannosaur” in 2000. His stories have appeared in Omni, Penthouse, Amazing Stories, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, High Times, New Dimensions, Starlight, Universe, Full Spectrum, Triquarterly and elsewhere. Many have been reprinted in best of the year anthologies, and translated for Japanese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, French and Croatian publications. His recent novels include Bones of the Earth, The Dragons of Babel, and Dancing with Bears. Another novel, Chasing the Phoenix, is forthcoming. His short fiction has been collected in Gravity’s Angels, A Geography of Unknown Lands, Moon Dogs, Tales of Old Earth, Cigar-Box Faust and Other Miniatures (a collection of short-shorts), The Dog Said Bow-Wow and The Best of Michael Swanwick. . He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Marianne Porter.

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