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Time in The Freehold Universe

One of the issues I’m stuck with is that in Freehold, I developed a local clock and calendar. It’s easy to use, but dissimilar from our own. Of course, for later books, I didn’t always have a chance to reference this in story context—people rarely sit down and talk about the math of clocks, time and dates.

So I often used “Earth” time in reference, for readers’ ease, or because it was relevant to the story. I’d mention time in seconds. Workarounds are usually possible.

However, for some of the Freehold universe shorts, it’s not feasible to do either. Characters are going to discuss schedule, using their native clock. So to that end, here it is:

Grainne’s rotation is 28 hours, 12 minutes, 12.9888 seconds


1 Freehold second =1.0153 Earth seconds

100 seconds = 1 seg

100 segs = 1 div

10 divs = 1 day

The year is 504.2103 local days, which is 592.52291 Earth days.

There are five weeks per month, of ten days each. There are ten months per year. Each new year, at Solstice, there are four festival days, with a day added on leap years every five years, but not every fiftieth year.

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