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The Galactic Confederation is a loose federation of non-human races, governing Earth’s region of the spiral arm of our Galaxy. Its member races include the Shalnuksis, the Ader’at’eel, the Fusttael, and the Finsit’tuvii. The Council is the supreme governing body of the Confederation; the High Commission is a subordinate body, in charge of relations with non-member races, particularly humans.





The Five Kingdoms is a confederation of northern kingdoms (including Ta-Meltemos, Ta-Lataos, and Ta-Kartos) under a High Rexja.


Drantos is an independent kingdom under its own Wanax, although it has been claimed by both Rome and the Five Kingdoms. Chelm is part of Drantos.


Rome is a (self-proclaimed) empire, descended from Romans of the time of Septimius Severus (c. 200 A.D.) brought to Tran by the Shalnuksis.


The City-States are an array of independent cities lying south of Drantos and south-west of Rome. Their most prominent members are Vis and Rustengo.


The Sunlands is the general term for everything south of the City-States.


The Westmen are nomadic horse barbarians from beyond the High Plains, ultimately descended from Scythians.





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