The Best of Michael Swanwick

CoverIt's here at last the first comprehensive overview of the extraordinary career of master storyteller Michael Swanwick. Covering over a quarter of a century, from his first two published stories both of them Nebula finalists to his most recent, these works bear witness to one of the most vivid and far-ranging imaginations in contemporary fiction. From the hardest of hard science fiction to the purest of core fantasy, from the heartwarming to the despairing, these are works incandescent with literary brilliance.

In these pages, Janis Joplin is worshiped as a god, teenagers climb down the edge of the world, zombies are commodified, a vengeful man tracks a wizard across the surface of a planet-sized grasshopper, dinosaurs invade Vermont, a train leaves New York City bound for Hell, and those lovable Post-Utopian con men, Darger and Surplus, seek their fortunes in Buckingham Labyrinth.

Michael Swanwick is one of the most acclaimed and prolific writers of his generation, as well as being the only person ever to win five Hugo Awards for fiction in the space of six years. All five of those stories are included here plus much, much more, all of it beautifully written, critically acclaimed, and deeply satisfying to read.

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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"Introduction" Copyright © 2008 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Feast of Saint Janis" Copyright © 1980 by Michael Swanwick.

"Ginungagap" Copyright © 1980 by Michael Swanwick.

"Trojan Horse" Copyright © 1984 by Michael Swanwick.

"A Midwinter's Tale" Copyright © 1988 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Edge of the World" Copyright © 1989 by Michael Swanwick.

"Griffin's Egg" Copyright © 1991 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Changeling's Tale" Copyright © 1994 by Michael Swanwick.

"North of Diddy-Wah-Diddy" Copyright © 1995 by Michael Swanwick.

"Radio Waves" Copyright © 1995 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Dead" Copyright © 1996 by Michael Swanwick.

"Mother Grasshopper" Copyright © 1997 by Michael Swanwick.

"Radiant Doors" Copyright © 1998 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Very Pulse of the Machine" Copyright © 1998 by Michael Swanwick.

"Wild Minds" Copyright © 1998 by Michael Swanwick.

"Scherzo with Tyrannosaur" Copyright © 1999 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O" Copyright © 2000 by Michael Swanwick.

"The Dog Said Bow-Wow" Copyright © 2001 by Michael Swanwick.

"Slow Life" Copyright © 2002 by Michael Swanwick.

"Legions in Time" Copyright © 2003 by Michael Swanwick.

"Triceratops Summer" Copyright © 2006 by Michael Swanwick.

"From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled" Copyright © 2007 by Michael Swanwick.