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Subject: Wichita Attack

From: (Nathan Lawrence)

Date: 2000/05/20

Message-ID: <>


Ladies and germs, the s*** has hit the fan once again, and once again the fan it's hitting is in the heart of the nation. This time the slaughter has occurred in the buckle of the Bible Belt, the Breadbasket of the World, the Sunflower State, Dorothy's Gateway to Oz, and the bane of any motorist trying to get from St. Louis to Denver. So even though the first reports are just coming in—apparently, a crowd at some sort of circus or state fair has been machine-gunned by three or more unknown persons wearing military-style garb—I'll go out on a limb and predict that if the terrorists in question are caught, they'll turn out to be home-grown white boys. See, your basic International Ragheads tend to go for big symbols recognized all over the planet, like the World Trade Center in NYC. But only your basic dumbass inbred Amurrican Crackers think they can make their point by attacking a place the rest of the world couldn't give a damn about.

As for the guy at the scene who supposedly found the whole thing funny: Who the f*** knows?



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