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For thousands of years there have been people who seem to have a "connection" with invisible forces, whether it's religious leaders, or medicine men, or even scientists; they seem to hold a special key to inside information.

This mysterious thread can be explained through Einstein's theory that everything is energy—but in various forms (including mass). We can talk about waves and particles on the scientific front, but it has an equal impact on the spiritual level: it's all part of a much larger information superhighway. The good news is that everyone has access to these wavelengths. So it's exciting when the areas of both the physical world and the spiritual world meet, and it is a significant moment when we can get a glimpse of the "wholeness" of the world, universe, and our lives.

In the work I do, it is all about "the energy." It's the information that I can tune into and decode or decipher and share with others. While it may seem remotely distant from science, it is still about energy.

Quantum physics is probably the best explanation of how "paranormal" things can happen: it's the energy that comprises the invisible forces. Even though the two areas of thought—science and spirituality—may seem incongruous and in opposition, clearly they are not. It's just that most people take on religious beliefs as faith, and scientists seek empirical data. But both are really living with the same conclusion: everything is vibrating around us—it's a matter of tuning in.

In Travis Taylor's book, he brings a greater understanding of how these inexplicable processes affect us on the grandest and smallest levels. He illustrates how each and every important thought can influence the world around us. It is a validation and an encouragement to have an awareness to align ourselves with the highest possible vibration.

—John Edward,
September 2009

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