Grantville Gazette Volume 28

CoverAh, yes. There really was a Countess Erdmuthe Juliana of Honstein. And she really did believe what she believed. But you'll have to read Virginia DeMarce's "Or the Horse May Learn to Sing" to find out what that was.

Air travel is quick, right? Hm. Well, maybe not always. Check out Jack Carroll's "Time to Spare, Go by Air." If you love the movies, take a look at what's happening in silent pictures in Kerryn Offord's "On His Majesty's Secret Service."

For what's up in Finland, read Terry Howard's "Common Market." Interesting goings-on there, as usual. Walt Boye's gives us a tragedy in "A Great Drowning of Men," proving that you have to be a bit careful about what you think about butterfly wing flapping. And David Carrico returns with Marla Linder and friends, with "Interlude."

The serials are pretty nifty, too. The Sakalaucks bring us part three of "Northwest Passage" and the Evans continue with part two of "No Ship for Tranquebar."

Borax, bulls and burned-out cities . . . that's what you'll read about in our nonfiction offerings from Iver Cooper, Karen Bergstralh and David Carrico. As well, Virginia DeMarce has furnished a column all about how to find appropriate names for the 1632 universe.

Check them out! Good stuff is here!

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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