A Logic Named Joe


Three complete novels of humorous adventure, one of them a Hugo Award finalist, plus a trio of witty short stories with the distinctive Leinster touch.

* The Pirates of Zan-When a young man is accused and jailed unjustly, he is given a secret offer-in return for help in escaping, he must shake up the galactic establishment, which is getting dangerously set in its ways. He succeeds beyond anyone's wildest expectations, seemingly becoming a space pirate, but being in reality, the deadliest do-gooder in the galaxy.

* Gateway to Elsewhere-Suppose that somewhere the world of the Arabian Nights is real, including very powerful and dangerous djinns, who are nothing like Aladdin's big blue pal. A man from our world wouldn't have a chance against them . . . or would he?

* The Duplicators - A planet where everyone has a machine which can duplicate anything would be the wealthiest world in the galaxy, right? Wrong. And unless the hapless voyager who's trapped on the planet can find a solution to its problem, his voyaging will be over-permanently.

Plus three short stories, including "A Logic Named Joe," an uncannily prophetic story of home computers and the internet - written in 1946!

"Murray Leinster was not only a very good writer, he was a pioneer. He invented the field of parallel-universe stories with his "Sidewise in Time," and his "First Contact" set the pattern for all the stories that followed of-well-of first contact with alien civilizations. The wondrous thing about his work is that those great, trend-setting stories read as fresh and timely as they did all those years ago." -Frederik Pohl

". . . good stories, marvelously put together. . . . It's a pleasure to watch such a masterly craftsman at work, producing a couple of hours of diverting reading with unfailing skill." -Robert Silverberg

Cover art by Kurt Miller

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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"The Fourth-Dimensional Demonstrator" was first published in Astounding in December 1935. "A Logic Named Joe" was first published in Astounding in March 1946, under Leinster's real name of Will F. Jenkins. Gateway to Elsewhere was first published by Ace Books as a double novel in 1954 (coupled with A.E. Van Vogt's The Weapon Shops of Isher). The Pirates of Zan was first published in serialized form in Astounding in February—April 1959, under the title "The Pirates of Ersatz." It was reissued the same year by Ace Books as a double novel under the current title (coupled with Leinster's Med Ship story The Mutant Weapon). "Dear Charles" was first published in 1960 by Avon Books, as part of Leinster's anthology entitled Twists in Time. The Duplicators was first published in a shorter version in Worlds of Tomorrow in February 1964, under the title "Lord of the Uffts." The expanded version contained in this volume was reissued the same year by Ace Books as a double novel under the current title (coupled with Philip E. High's No Truce With Terra).

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