Lord Darcy


Welcome to a world . . . where Richard the Lion-Hearted did not die in the year 1199, but went on to found the mightiest and most stable empire in history . . . where the laws of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) have been codified, but those of physics remain unsuspected ... where magic is a science, and science is an art.

Meet the greatest detective of all time, Lord Darcy, Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy, and his assistant, Master Sorcerer Scan O'Lochlainn. In a world where crime and the occult walk hand in hand, a world of murder and magic, they combine occult skills and uncanny powers of deduction to bring criminals to the King's Justice and thwart those who plot against the Realm.

It's urban fantasy by gaslight in a world where magic is an everyday occurrence, and no matter whether murder is committed by magic most foul or by more mundane means, crime still does not payas long as Lord Darcy is on the case.

Publisher's Note: Parts of Lord Darcy were published separately as Too Many Magicians, Murder and Magic, and Lord Darcy Investigates. This is the first complete Lord Darcy.

"He has combined the best of the fantasy and detective genres and made them work as science fiction."
Marion Zimmer Bradley

"I cannot count the number of times I have read Too Many Magicians [included in Lord Darcy]each time with the same pleasure."
Andre Norton

"Randall Garrett's most satisfying and enduring literary accomplishment is the Lord Darcy series."
Robert Silverberg

"Garrett's best work . . . ingenious, and the world Lord Darcy inhabits is rich and believable."
A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction

Cover art by Gary Ruddell

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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"The Eyes Have It" was first published in Analog, January 1964. "A Case of Identity" was first published in Analog, September 1964. "The Muddle of the Woad" was first published in Analog, June 1965. "A Stretch of the Imagination" was first published in Of Men and Malice (Dean Dickensheet, ed.) Doubleday 1973. The four stories listed above were reissued under the title Murder and Magic by Ace Books in 1979. Too Many Magicians was first published in serialized form in Analog, August-November 1966, and then reissued as a novel by Doubleday in 1967. "The Ipswich Phial was first published in Analog, December 1976. "A Matter of Gravity" was first published in Analog, October 1974. "The Napoli Express" was first published in Asimov's SF, April 1979. "The Sixteen Keys" was first published in Fantastic, May 1976. The four stories listed above were reissued under the title Lord Darcy Investigates by Ace Books in 1981. "The Bitter End" was first published in Asimov's SF, SeptemberOctober 1978. "The Spell of War" was first published in The Future At War (R. Bretnor, ed.) Ace 1979.
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