Baen WebScriptions FAQ

  1. What is WebScriptions?
  2. What do I get?
  3. When do I get it?
  4. What format do I get it in?
  5. What does it cost?
  6. What if I quit?
  7. How can I pay?
  8. When can I start?
  9. What if I want to read offline?
  10. Where do I go to get it?
  11. Individual Books
  12. What is an ARC

What is WebScriptions?

A web based re-creation of the serialized novel using Science Fiction published by Baen Books. Each novel will be published in three segments, one month apart, beginning 3 months before the actual publication date. Each month 4 books will be available. The intent is to use all Frontlist book for that month. If less than four books are published, or if one or more of them are unavailable, books from the backlist will be used.

What do I get?

For each month purchased, you will receive internet access to a directory containing four books.

and about two weeks after the last quarter is delivered, bookstores around the country will begin to stock these titles.

WebScriptions does not require subscribers to purchase every month offered. Purchase of an individual month will deliver that months complete books whether other months are purchased or not.

Consult the publication schedule for exact titles and authors.

When do I get it?

We will aim to release each new offering by the 20th of the month.. The final (quarter) segment of each novel should be available approximately two weeks before the book reaches US stores.

What format do I get it in?

The chapters will be available as HTML through our password protected site. Examples are currently available in the Baen Free Library. This format should print without difficulty from your web browser, and can be saved and opened using your word processor. 

When the Final release of a month is made it will include Palm Pilot, Rocketbook, RTF and MS Reader versions. There won't be any partial version in these formats.

A ZIP file of the various versions will be available for download.

No other formats are planned. To read while offline, follow these directions

But what about PDF?

These formats have been extensively considered for WebScriptions. However, Baen Books does not currently plan to support them. If you would like to discuss these decisions, please visit Baen's Bar.

What does it cost? What if I quit?

$15 USD  per month. This payment will entitle you the entirety of all books begun in that month, even in the event that Baen Books discontinues the WebScription service.

How can I pay?

WebScriptions will accept payment by Master Card, Visa, Discover or American Express through our secure order form. You can download almost immediately after the transaction.

PayPal is now supported. For those wanting to use echecks or electronic transfers use this option. PayPal may delay clearing the transaction immediately so you might have to wait a few days while they verify the transaction.

Payments by Certified Check or Money Order in US dollars will also be accepted.

No personal or foreign currency checks.

When can I start?

WebScriptions is planned to begin service on Sept 9th, 1999. Please check back for more details. (Took us until the 11th, but all is working now!)

What if I want to read offline?

Download the ZIP file and read it in your favorite Browser. If you prefer online, in theory you could try this, if it worked & you used IE Add Favorites & Make Available Offline. Important, set (with Customize) Add Favorites to save 1 link deep (so that it will save all of the chapters). Then you will be able to read it through IE without logging in again. You should be able to auto-download new chapters using the synchronize feature in IE.

The files created should be viewable in Word. However, we aren't making any promises.

These files will view poorly in WordPad, since it won't translate the html.

Where Do I Go to Get It

Got to the login page at If it's your first time, use the Registration button to setup your Subscriber ID and Password. Registration is Free and you may read books in the Baen Free Library for many examples.

Once you can login, you'll find order forms and other information on Accessing your WebScription.

Individual Books

You can also purchase individual books. Just click the "Individual Books" tab on the Order Form. Single books from currently serialized WebScription bundles will only be available in HTML format until the final version is released. Singles books from previous WebScriptions will be complete and in all the available formats..

What is an ARC

An ARC is an Advance Reader Copy. This is an unproofed manuscript and is guaranteed to be full of typos and error. It is pretty much raw from the authors word processor. But you get the entire ARC well in advance of even the WebScription release.

Please do not send in typos and errors, we know the ARC is unproofed and the author doesn't need to be inundated with "corrections".

ARC start out at $15 and the price is reduced in steps as the final publication date is approached. So the longer you wait the less you have to pay. Conversely the more you pay the sooner you get to read the book.

ARCs do not include the final proofed version. For the final version you would have to buy the single  or monthly bundle for that book.


The initial segments of the books will typically be un-proofed copy similar to galley copies. That's what we are doing during those three months, proofing and passing copies back and forth for approvals. Please don't send us long lists corrections as it wastes our time.

The final segment release will refresh the entire book with the final proofed copy as sent to the publisher. We still don't guarantee zero mistakes.

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